Virtual Design Construction

evolution of dimensional design technologyAn onsite team of specialists was bought in to work in real time conjunction with the structural engineers to proactively understand and even find creative solutions to problems as they arose. In many instances, this approach ensured that problems were found early and solved quickly due to the close. This VDC or Virtual Design Construction is also responsible for a crystal clear injury report during the 30 month process. The integration of VDC has also vastly improved efficiency, lowering error rates, and most importantly increasing the safety and health of the workers involved in the project. Developers of the complex even suggested that use of VDC in accordance with good practices have also decreased risks of doing work twice.

VDC is clearly one of the defining factors in making the creation of the Sanford Medical Center such a resounding success.VDC has been shown to ensure that 4D planning structures (or model based scheduling) has made sure that work is not only carried out,but efficiently and safely as well. VDC has also allowed other buildings to be constructed in areas many considered to be too difficult to build upon. Could it be the new blueprint for the future? Well, only time will tell.